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Nikhil’s mother who never forgave herself for having chosen her husband over her son

Anita was proud for her Portuguese ancestry and belonged to a Goan aristocratic family. The Kapoor family lived in a house she has inherited from her grand parents. She was a woman of taste and a lover of music and art. While Navin was more of a strict disciplinarian she was more like a friend to her children.

When her son gets arrested she follows her husband and deserts her son.

But something in her dies. She suddenly ages and the charming, fun loving person in her dies a sudden death. She wants to reconcile with her son, but knows that the distance she has created is not easy to bridge.

As a silent rebellion, she stops talking to her husband.
WHY ‘My Brother…Nikhil’

There's nothing quite like working on a film that you relate to on almost every level... thats when you realise you really ARE one of the lucky ones... who's work is not work, but a labour of love!

MY BROTHER NIKHIL ... was one of those rare films!

The story, the subject, the producer, the director, the actors, the place (gorgeous Goa!), the technical crew ... all came together in synergy ... to make something that was a joy to create... because there was this collective desire to make a true and wonderful film...

Onir's passion and clarity of vision as a director, Sanjay's calmness and strength as a producer and Juhi, Victor, Purab and Sanjay's intense involvement as actors... shine through in the final product. In the end, its a simple maxim.

When we loved making the film so much... how can you not help love watching it !

– Lilette Dubey
lillete dubey
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