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my brother... nikhil
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the blue eyed boy of Goa who falls from social grace

“He trained in the river…ruled the pool…and conquered the sea”

Nikhil and the sea are inseparable. He is like a dolphin, full of life and energy. He is a carefree young man loved by his family and friends and someone who takes life as it comes. Everything is perfect- he has a job in a bank; he is the undisputed king of the pool and has a fiancée who is in total awe of him.

But then something goes wrong. He starts to get irritable and wakes up in the middle of the night after nightmares. His sister senses that something is troubling him. He keeps promising to tell her but doesn’t…and then one day he is arrested.

Everything changes for him suddenly. His whole perception of life changes from then on. Through this tragedy he discovers the beauty of life that one otherwise takes for granted. Faced with rejection he goes through a process of self-discovery and finds love and a meaning to life.
sanjay suri
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